Make the security of your home a priority with the Nest Doorbell Camera Installation

Security is one of the major concerns of life for everyone. With the creation of surveillance cameras, households have been able to put unseen activities under check and in the record too. The Nest Doorbell camera is one of the brilliant innovative surveillance devices that you can install in your house to keep an eye on your visitors and your door. Another smart feature of the Nest Doorbell camera is that it gives you the opportunity to directly have conversations with any of your visitors even when you could be very far from home. The combination of a security camera and a smart doorbell device makes the Nest Doorbell Camera Installation a must-have surveillance device for every home. 

A full guide to the Nest Doorbell Installation

Installation of this device takes about half an hour or one full hour because you do not want to perform any of its setup procedures in a rush. Therefore you can follow the below thread of installation instructions to complete your Nest Doorbell camera setup.

First and foremost, you need to check if the Google Nest doorbell camera is compatible with your previous doorbell. If you previously owned a wired doorbell, then you can install the google nest doorbell camera. But if otherwise, you will need to first buy a power adapter. Also, it is good that you check the compatibility and transformer voltage before you purchase the Google Nest doorbell camera. How do you check its compatibility then?

  • Press your doorbell in order to know where the chime box is situated
  • Once you get its location, go ahead to remove its cover and check if;
    • If it is an electronic chime, it will have wires and batteries. Which is compatible with the Google nest doorbell camera
    • If it is a mechanical chime, it will have all wires. This is also compatible.
    • However, if it is a wireless chime, it is not compatible. 
  • Find the transformer. Locate the wires that come from the chime box. They lead to the transformer. 
  • Now you have to check for the voltage of the transformer once you find it. The required voltage for the Google nest doorbell camera to work is around 16 volts AC and 24 volts AC. you will find the voltage rate inscribed on the transformer.
Nest Doorbell Installation

 It is time to sign in to the Nest account. Download the Nest app and install it on your smartphone. Open your app and complete the Nest Doorbell Login. if you have not created an account, quickly do that and sign in.

Afterward, you need to add the device to your Nest account

  • On the home screen of your Nest app, press the PLUS sign “+”
  • Check the back of your Google Nest doorbell camera and use your phone to scan the QR code there.
  • Your chime should have terminals that are tagged as;
  • You have to switch the terminal because you will be replacing the doorbell
    • Trans: this indicates transformer
    • Front: this indicates the front doorbell
    • Rear: this indicates the back doorbell

Check out the labels and terminals of your chime.

Disconnect and connect and fix back the front wire

  • From the terminal of your chime, remove the Front wire
  • Now you have to use your tool to cut out and expose about one-quarter of the bare wire
  • Take the wire disconnected from the Front terminal and fit it into the clip of the White wire connector 
  • Now take the wire of the white connector and fix it to the Front terminal on the chime’s doorbell that the wire was removed at first.

Disconnecting and connecting the Transformer wire

  • Go to the Trans terminal and disconnect the wire from there
  • Again cut out about one-quarter of the wire’s coating to expose the bare wire
  • Take the wire removed from the Trans terminal and insert it into the clip that is part of the Gray wire connector
  • Afterward, you have to connect the wire from the Gray wire connector back to the Trans terminal

Fixing the chime connector for the Nest Doorbell Camera Installation

  • You have to fix the chime connector in a place where the wires will not disturb the chimes
  • You can make sure that the chime connector is not placed in the chime box. That way you can avoid any disturbance from the connector to the chime.

At this time, you have to remove the old doorbell from its position at the door. After detaching it from the wall or door, you have to detach the wires from the old doorbell. After detaching them, secure them to the wall with something in order to keep the wires from slipping back into the hole.

It’s time to begin the installation of the Google Nest doorbell camera.

  • Begin by screwing the wall plate of the google nest camera into the wall, where you would like to put the doorbell camera.
  • Place the wall plate in a way that the wires can pass through the portion made for the wires. 
  • Place the wall plate in a way that the side with the Nest logo is at the bottom. Then indicate the screw hole through the wall plate
  • In the places where you have marked the screw holes, carefully make 2 hole drills of a 3/32-in pilot.
  • Now using the screws provided by the manufacturer, screw in the wall into the wall. Beginning from the bottom because that allows you to make straight the wall plate if it bends.

Installing the Google Nest Doorbell Camera

  • Now pick up the Google nest camera and turn it to the back. Then properly attach the wires to the back of the nest camera. Afterward, push the remaining part of the wire into the wall. 
  • Go ahead to attach the doorbell camera to the wall plate. First, slip the device from the top and clip it into the wall plate from the bottom. 
    • If you want to remove the google nest doorbell camera from the wall plate, you can make use of the tool that came with it
    • And if you would like to divert the angle of the doorbell camera, you can make use of the wedge included.

After you have successfully installed this device on the wall, you can go ahead to turn on the power from the circuit breaker box. When it is on, you will see a blue ring light around the doorbell button. 

Lastly, it is time to connect it to the wifi.

  • Open the Nest app and pick the location you have installed the Nest doorbell camera. Whether you made it a nest front door camera or you fixed it at the back door. 
  • Choose your home wifi network and connect to it by entering your password. 
  • Your Google Nest Doorbell Camera will connect to your home wifi
  • Subsequently, when it’s all set, test the doorbell camera to confirm that you have successfully installed the device.

A full troubleshooting tutorial for common Nest Doorbell Camera queries

I keep getting “Nest doorbell offline” notification

When you begin to get the offline notification, this can be triggered by multiple causes but here are some troubleshooting steps for you to work through. To do this effectively, you have to be present at the location where your doorbell is installed.

  • The battery may have run out. Check its power level and if it has indeed run out, detach it to charge it. 
  • Ensure that the latest version of the Nest app is what you have installed on your smartphone. If not, you can uninstall it and get the latest version downloaded and installed. Then sign in to your Nest account. 
  • You should check the temperature of your Nest doorbell camera. If the weather or environment gets too hot or cold, it will definitely affect the functionality of your doorbell. When it’s any of these situations, the Nest doorbell offline will be activated to protect itself. 
  • Lastly, try checking out your wifi modem. Unplug from the electric socket and plug it back in after a while.
Troubleshooting the Nest Doorbell Camera

Why is the Nest Doorbell Not working?

Nest Doorbell Not working

You can follow these tips to get your nest doorbell camera back on track within minutes.

  • If all other devices connected to your wifi modem are working just fine but only your doorbell camera is not working, try to reboot your doorbell. This will help the network to refresh itself. 
  • You can also try to disconnect other devices that are connected to your network. Probably the bandwidth has been limited by your network provider. 
  • It could also be that your doorbell camera is quite far from the wifi router and that’s why the Nest Doorbell Not working. If this is the case, try to move the nest doorbell camera closer to the wifi router
  • If you have other extenders, try to disconnect them
  • And lastly, if none of these works, you will have to factory reset your Google nest Doorbell Camera.